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Chemical Name: PC
Form: bright Granule
Brand: Bayer
Packaging:25 Kg
minimum purchase:300 kg
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PC (Polycarbonate) is a high performance, sustainable and eco-efficient material used in a large variety of everyday applications. It has a unique combination of properties, offering clarity, durability, safety, versatility, as well as heat and shatter resistance. Products made from polycarbonate include sheets for roofing and glazing, optical media, IT-parts, spectacle lenses, medical devices, leisure articles and food contact materials. These products contribute substantially to the safety and well-being of consumers.


Polycarbonate enables the manufacture of technical high performance products in sophisticated forms and sizes. It improves quality of life and enhances safety and convenience for users and consumers all around the world.

Its main benefits include:

  • High durability
    Polycarbonate plastic is an extremely durable material. This makes it the material of choice where long product life and reliable performance are critical.
  • Shatter resistance
    Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable. Through its high impact resistance, it provides greater safety and comfort for applications where reliability and high performance are essential.
  • Transparency
    Polycarbonate is an extremely clear plastic that offers excellent visibility and transmits light better than alternative materials.
  • Lightweight
    Polycarbonate’s light weight allows for architectural and design creativity. This leads to increased resource efficiency and reduced financial and environmental costs for transportation.
  • Thermostability
    Polycarbonate plastic provides excellent heat resistance, which facilitates good hygiene conditions when cleaning at higher temperatures.
  • Innovative potential
    The performance of polycarbonate is being constantly improved. Through technical and scientific innovation, new applications and product benefits are being offered, which enable market sectors to develop, providing consumers with additional services and benefits.


  These characteristics make polycarbonate suitable for many applications, including:

  • Automotive
    Polycarbonate moulded mirror housings, tail lights, turn signals, back-up lights, fog lights, and headlamps all contribute to a vehicle’s unique style.


  • Packaging
    Polycarbonate bottles, containers and tableware can withstand extreme stress during use and cleaning, including sterilisation. They can be used to serve, freeze and reheat food in the microwave making them time and energy savers. Shatterproof and virtually unbreakable, polycarbonate is a safer alternative to glass.


  • Appliances & Consumer Goods
    Polycarbonate’s moulding flexibility styling and colouring possibilities make it perfect for use in electric kettles, fridges, food mixers, electrical shavers and hairdryers, while fulfilling all safety requirements such as heat resistance and electrical insulation.


  • Electrical & Electronics
    Polycarbonate’s light weight and impact- and shatter-resistant qualities make it perfect for housing cell phones, computers, fax machines, and pagers while at the same time withstanding the bangs, scratches and accidental drops of everyday use. 



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