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Product back guarantee
For our more customer service our company have guarantee
guatantee is including:
Contradiction Technical specification
Delivery Process
After customers payment our support center will shipped we are delivery by fast post, tipax and for huge matters useing by truck or tanker More
Company Resume
We are professional supplying and working 110 grade of chemicals and polymers and producting antioxidants for petrochemical industry More
Regular Ordering
The Kangaroo group with new inovation doing supply polymers and chemicals matter request on online service and quick delivery to customers as soon as More

Chemical Prices

  Title  Price  Pakaging
Styrene Monomer 5020 Bulk
Acetic Acid 2450 Gallon
Sulfuric Acid 310 Bulk
Acetone 6800 Drum
Phenol 5900 Drum
  Title  Price  Pakaging
Methanol 1290 Bulk
MEG Contact us Bulk
Mixed Xylene 3550 Bulk
Formic Acid 5500 Gallon
Phosphoric Acid 5500 Gallon

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Polymer Prices

  Title  Price  Category
PC HONAM 1100U Contact us -
POE LG670 Contact us
EVA HONAM VS430 Contact us
PA 66-NC k66 Contact us
POM FM090 Contact us
  Title  Price  Category
PMMA IH830 Contact us
SBS 161B Contact us
EVA 910 Contact us
PC 2607 BAYER Contact us
Antifoam Contact us

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Our Team

  • Mahyar Kargar

    Mahyar Kargar

    CEO Kangaroo's professional team do quick delivery with new inovation and supporting interior manufactures.

  • Ehsan Kargar

    Ehsan Kargar

    Chemical sales expert With Kangaroo experience making sure shopping

  • Soodeh Noori

    Soodeh Noori

    International Commercial expert With safe and quick import supporting your production

  • Nasrin Baghershahi

    Nasrin Baghershahi

    Polymer sales expert We are responsible of manufactures so doing the best

  • Fatemeh Khodadadi

    Fatemeh Khodadadi

    Supply export Trust to Kangaroo supplying and thinking about more producing

  • Hasan Abdoli

    Hasan Abdoli

    Polymer sales expert We are proud of customer satisfaction

  • Mahnaz Masoumi

    Mahnaz Masoumi

    Sales export Our first major is supporting interior manufactures

  • Ali Heidari

    Ali Heidari

    Master of finance With Kangaroo experience quick, faciling and precision of finance


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