Return Process

With respect to the principals in relation to customer satisfaction and customer right, “Kangaroo” aimed to consider some services as” Guarantee” in order to dispel any doubts and discomfort. Hence, feel free and let us know about any issue that can to be assisted along your support and we hope you enjoy the services provided.

Conflict (mismatch) Technical Information:

All the products provided by Kangaroo have been delivered within the data sheet by the manufacturer company. If you received the purchased product with poor quality or if there are any incompatibility between the characteristics of the product and the website data, you are required to inform the website manager within a day after the delivery order. Also you can contact 88064800 so the issue will be verified by a technical expert and returned if required. Therefore, it will be refunded or replaced as soon as possible if the product is approved by the customer. (Apparently Returned product must be in its original packaging)

Giving up on the purchased item:

If you gave up buying the product before sending the order, you should contact the orders tracking units as soon as possible and cancel the purchase. Customers are obligated to inform the Warranty unit staff within two days to cancel out the purchase if the rejected item was already purchased and delivered to the client. The product should be packed according to the original package features and the transportation charges are to be paid by the client to return the item.

Damage caused by transportation:

Despite all the packaging standards applied to our products, if the item is damaged due to the process of transportation, customers are obligated to report to the staff within a day, as soon as possible and in case of the Transport Company damage approval, Kangaroo manages to pay for the damages and to send back the new product in the shortest possible time after receiving damaged imports.

Tips on how to send the product:

We truly admire those who respect our policy and manage to coordinate any transportation beforehand with our staff and we appreciate the effort you put in order to inform us about any damages or decisions. All the products available and displayed on this website are skilfully labelled and approved by Kangaroo where a full description of the item is listed. Therefore, there is no point in using the warranty service provided by Kangaroo Company, in case of handing over any torn and damaged package or labels within the product. So please

separate the purchased item in a different package and avoid writing any address or additional texts on the main package. Suppose you do not live in Tehran, your product should be sent by express mail or an approved cargo by Kangaroo; otherwise, we will not take any responsibility regarding the payments. All the fees for postages with the bill invoice attached from the post company and the costs of transportation will be deposit to the client’s account after the staff approval.

You will be able to return the product by the given address: 24, after the fifth crossroad, second eastern street, Shurabad. Postcode: 1818195371.

Shipping fee:

If the matter of returning the product is regarding its quality or mismatch the technical specifications with the information on website, shipping costs are part of Kangaroo’s responsibility and since the issue is acknowledged by our staff, the fees will be deposit to the client’s account. After-sales service’s technical experts would definitely review the objects announced by the customer and they exchange the product or the product will be replaced if you wish to.

It is clear that by replacing the item, the prices will be differentiated and calculated to be sending after settlement.

For more information and support contact (+98)021- 88064800 or (+98)021-88042111