Guarantee of origin

Kangaroo guarantees all the products for quality, price and reliability of suppliers as well as the origin of the goods. All goods are being labeled by special label that indicates Kangaroo's product so then it includes warranty term as well as after-sales service.

Also we at Kangaroo introduce those materials that are reliable and applicable in production line and our staffs are strictly avoided to sell unknown-sources material.

Please note, taking into consideration all aspects the process including technical matters and different equipment in operation line, there might be a few mismatch that is not necessarily the sign of bad quality so please be patient when you are choosing the type of polymer and chemicals and its specific grade as well.

After receiving goods, in case of being damaged or having technical problem please call Kangaroo's support center 021- 88064800 so we arrange for either technical support or returning it back. If it included warranty, the same cost would be paid to customer or we would replace the right product as you already ordered.