Delivery Process

 Product purchased by customers immediately after placing order and getting Kangaroo Support Center's approval, be prepared and will be sent.

 Kangaroo sales experts to review the order and depending on the order quantity and delivery address and the order will being sent soon after.

 How to send products according to the type and amount of product is different. Kangaroo can send the goods by courier, mail (Depending on the product), Tipax and related vehicles (depending on the product) such as vans, trucks, tankers and etc. across the country. (Note that shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.)

 Obviously, the time of delivery of the product depends on the deliver point the customer already ordered. Also it is possible to get the goods at the Kangaroo’s warehouse door by the customer with presenting relevant documentation. Please note that the relevant documents for a product containing a print of which order has been recorded, references and ID cards are admitted.

If you need more information on how to send and track your order number, Please call(+98) 021 8806400  Kangaroo suppor center.